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Allira Potter feeds us goodness. We need a whole lot of that as we navigate society again and try to make sense of the world, so we asked the author and spiritual coach some very important questions.

Many of us are coming out of an extended lockdown which is both exciting and a little anxiety-inducing. Do you have any words of wisdom for finding your feet again and regaining confidence in the world?

I am based in Victoria so I know this feeling all too well.

My advice is to not over plan, your energy is important so disperse it slowly and thoughtfully.

Choose who you spend your time with and just remember you have zero obligation to do anything social straight away.

I know for me I have always waited a few days or even a week before doing anything, just to ease my body and especially mind into this new normal!

What are your daily self-care rituals and how do you stick to them?

Daily self care for me is so important, I have to start my day with the gym that is a form of self-care in the way of looking after my mind.

I stick to this by saying "I am working out for my mind, not to change my body" - once I had this affirmed in my mindset I was able to make this a part of my ritual when it came to self-care.

My favourite daily self-care ritual is saying NO, because boundaries are so important. 
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What are the wardrobe essentials you turn to for an easy boost when your mood is low?

All things colour at the moment, living in oversized shirts are my go to for spring especially when I am heading to the beach.

Blanca has been my staple that has boosted my mood and confidence when it comes to clothes!

How can we tap into our intuition and let it guide our decisions, our routines and our commitments?

We are all blessed with having an intuition and we have to remember that we can tap in by pausing and really tuning into.

We can do things like grounding in nature, meditating and being still to really tune in.

Letting it help guide you is honestly the best thing you could ever do with your life.

Your intuition can help you make some really big decisions, next time something drops in and you need to make a decision "STOP, PAUSE & FEEL" into what your intuition is trying to tell you.
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What's one world problem you want to see addressed/solved in 2022?

Equality... its always going to be this for me!

And I know its a big one but I think we really have opportunities to make people feel included and ensure diversity is seen across all platforms from clothing, brands, products etc.

What's one mantra we could all start living by?

If something feels like an half assessed yes, it's an automatic no.

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