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      emma rose sutcliffe blanca fabienne shirt

      Top 3 favourite Reliquia Collective pieces:

      Daisy Drop Earrings

      Palma Earrings

      Bel Air Necklace

      daisy drop earrings reliquia jewellery

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      palma earrings green reliquia jewellery

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      bel air necklace reliquia jewellery

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      Top 3 podcasts (or books if you aren't the podcast type):

      I'm more of a book girl, the traditional kind.

      The Secret will be a forever fav

      The Bridgerton series - hopeless romantic

      Green Lights by Matthew McConaughey

      Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow:

      I love the below


      leonie hanne pink green street style


      pour les rebelles bathtime glitter cocktail


      camila coehlo italy boat

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      Sleep - so underrated but so important

      Gua Sha and botanical skin care

      Long hot baths with a glass of red and a killer book

      emma rose sutcliffe daisy drop earrings reliquia

      Top 3 beauty essentials:

      All of my current skincare

      A good Aceloegy Beauty Peptide facemask

      Refy brow 3 step

      Dior lip tint that I also use on my cheeks

      Top 3 movies or TV shows:

      Dirty Dancing - always


      Queens Gambit

      emma rose sutcliffe instagram blanca fabienne

      fabienne shirt blanca apparel stripe

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      Imagery via @emmarosesutcliffe

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