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      In Case You Were Wondering with Britt Clark

      britt clark pepa cardigan blanca reliquia collective

      Britt Clark has got some slaying, colour-filled style. The creative, multimedia artist and beading aficionado treats us to little snippets of her life with humour and fun - we immediately feel a special kinship. Get inside her mind and get inspired.

      Top 3 words to describe yourself:

      In a few words I think I would probably describe myself as bubbly, creative and passionate.

      Top 3 Reliquia Collective pieces:

      Leigh Necklace

      Jamie Blazer (as a set)

      Carla Necklace

      reliquia collective blanca gold chain britt clark

      Top 3 things your star sign says about you:

      I'm a spicy Sagittarius! I say what I think, I love to travel and am curious about the world and the people around me.

      Top 3 morning rituals:

      I start my day with a walk along the river, I have a celery juice before I eat and then, of course, get my morning coffee from the local coffee shop.

      Top 3 listens/reads/watches:

      I loved the TV show High Fidelity with Zoe Kravitz on Hulu/Disney. I have watched it 4 times through already.

      As for novels, I'm a sucker for Just Kids by the iconic Patti Smith.

      Lately, I am currently obsessed with the D'Angelo song 'Spanish Joint', it makes me wanna boogie every time I hear it.

      reliquia jewellery sagittarius star sign britt clark

      Top 3 Instagram accounts for daily inspiration:

      I love seeing @popsqueek's posts, she is the founder of Poppy Lissiman and her personal style is so inspiring. 

      @joelymalcolm is a very cool chick, who actually runs the Vogue Australia TikTok account - I love her energy and how creative she is with her TikTok/Reel content.

      Speaking of Vogue! Another creative that inspires me is @himichelleli, who was previously the Fashion & Beauty Editor at Teen Vogue in the US, as well as working as a freelance stylist and writer. Like the other ladies, she has a fab sense of personal style and her pink hair has me swooning.

      joely malcolm michelle li

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      Ahhh the good old self-care! Well, I think journaling really helps me understand and digest my thoughts. Secondly, eating well and being active helps me to have a clear mind. Thirdly, having a creative outlet, a hobby some would say. We get so caught up in life, it's important to do things that light you up inside. For me it's acting class very Tuesday and beading in my spare time.

      Top 3 feel-good snacks:

      Carrot sticks, grapes and for those late night drives, I would have to go with some hot fries. 

      britt clark pepa cardigan noto necklace reliquia collective blanca

      Top 3 tunes to lift the mood:

      'Use My Body' - Marvis John

      'Gidget' - Free Nationals

      'Star Gazing' - The Neighbourhood

      Top 3 pleasures (there is no such thing as a guilty one):

      I love a cheeky jacuzzi, chocolate with crunchy almond bites and having a long nap in the sun, after a swim in the ocean.

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