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      In Case You Were Wondering with Eleanor Pendleton

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      We were lucky enough to catch up with gorgeous Eleanor Pendleton just before the birth of her second child (congratulations!). The beauty aficionado and entrepreneur has impressed us all for over a decade and, in our view, is one of the OG Australian influencers. As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Gritty Pretty, we are always looking to her for the latest product recommendations, industry news and wellness solutions. Here, Reliquia gets a brief insight into her world. Come on this journey with us. 

      Top 3 words to describe yourself:

      Committed, Loyal and Empathetic

      Top 3 favourite Reliquia pieces:

      Callista Earrings

      Oviedo Earrings

      Bresi Bracelet

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      Top 3 things your star sign says about you:

      I'm a Sagittarius (birth date) but and Aries (moon) and Aries (rising), which essentially means I'm a triple fire sign! By birth date, I'm a textbook Sagittarius summer baby in that I'm fiercely independent and a lover of travel.

      Some believe our rising sign plays a major role in shaping and defining our attitude, appearance, and the first impressions we make to the world, so as an Aries, I'm supposedly hallmarked by three things: emergence, creativity, and new beginnings. Aries Risings tend to understand the power of now. I have no reservations leaping into the unknown and I like taking calculated risks, which steers me well as a business-owner and entrepreneur.

      It also means my sensible, balanced Libran husband is my perfect partner. He's also very cynical when it comes to horoscopes and star signs so I can feel his eyes rolling right now as I type this... Typical Libran! [Laughs].

      Top 3 morning rituals:

      Cuddles in bed with my son. Coffee. Breathing in fresh air, sitting on my porch.

      Top 3 listens/reads/watches:

      Podcast: Gritty Pretty's Beauty Talk

      Watch: The Office (US)

      Read: I've just starting 'Crying in H Mart' by Michelle Zauner

      eleanor pendleton reliquia jewellery hoops earrings

      Top 3 Instagram accounts for daily inspiration:

      It changes based on my interests, but at the moment:

      1. @stevecordony for home/interiors inspiration;

      2. @vikyandthekid for fashion;

      3. @thedailyaus for news.

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      1. Consciously check in with self - am I feeling overwhelmed? If so, am I eating healthy? Am I moving my body? Am I resting my mind? Have I done one thing to fill my cup today?

      2. If I answer no to any of the above, take action and prioritise self. I can't show up for others if I don't show up for myself.

      eleanor pendleton pearl gold hoops reliquia jewellery

      Top 3 summer skin essentials:

      1. SPF 50+ every single day (no one does sunscreen better than Australian beauty brands and I personally love using Ultra Violette, Naked Sundays and Airy Day).

      2. Hermès Plein Air Tinted Moisturiser

      3. Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Serum

      Top 3 words of wisdom for all the entrepreneurs out there:

      1. Believe

      2. In

      3. Yourself

      Top 3 tunes to lift the mood:

      1. Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader (this was my and my husband's first dance song at our wedding)

      2. Apple Crumble by Lime Cordiale & Idris Elba

      3. Horses by Daryl Braithwaite

      eleanor pendleton callista earrings reliquia jewellery

      Top 3 pleasures (there is no such thing as a guilty one):

      1. Swimming in the ocean

      2. Having an ice cream with my son

      3. Coffee dates with my husband

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