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      josie wiley blanca reliquia collective

      She's the womenswear buyer at Superette and kills a Reliquia Collective look. Find out what inspires and keeps Josie Wiley going.

      Top 3 favourite Reliquia Collective pieces:

      Zoe Headband - all colours! But in particular the Green, Yellow, Lilac and Blue get the most air time.

      Suri Blazer - White. Most perfect cut and colour EVER.

      Lille Knit - Warm Yellow. A perfect trans seasonal piece.

      zoe headband green reliquia collective

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      zoe headband yellow reliquia

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      suri blazer blanca

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      Top 3 podcasts (or books if you aren't the podcast type):

      I love books and magazines - some of my favourite books are falling apart, I've read them so many times.

      'Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine' - Gail Honeycomb

      'Desert Flower' - Waris Dirie

      'Wish You Were Here' - Jodi Picoult

      And then Vogue Living mags for serious interior inspo, always.

      Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow:

      I have so many! It's hard to narrow them down. Some favourites:

      @theinsideuniversal - my Insta page shop for all things trending

      the inside universal instagram


      filis pina sandra sauceda instagram


      noelia terron laya instagram


      superette store nz blanca

      superette international instagram

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      Taking lots of 'me' time. I'm a Cancerian, so it's how I recharge. This involves burning incense morning and night, I am an incense addict, it immediately relaxes me and the space I'm in.

      Saying no, with no explanation needed. Also ensuring I don't give away all my energy. Reserving enough for me so I don't burn out. These two go hand in hand. 

      Retail therapy and reflexology massage.

      Top 3 trends for next season:

      Cool Grandpa:

      Think cool plaids, cosy cable knits and matching oversize navy or dark forest pinstripe suits. I'll be wearing these with Nike Dunks in polarising colours, and a designer loafer for the evening.

      Bright and Bold Hues:

      Strong hues in cool undertones are the ultimate power force. Think Bubble-gum Pinks, Grass Greens, Sour Citrus + Strong Cobalt Blues that will instantly lift any mood and complement any wardrobe. I like matching my outfits to my favourite Zoe Headbands in the same pops of colour for a full vibe.

      The Statement Sleeve:

      We have seen so many iterations of the statement sleeve throughout fashion history and it proves to be a trend here to stay. Romantic, playful and liberating, it's the style that suits all ages and stages. I will be pairing mine with layered jewels and sleek sunnies.

      josie wiley yellow zoe headband reliquia

      Top 3 daily beauty rituals:

      Drink 2+ litres of water a day.

      Lots and lots of facial oils, morning and night. I mix them into my tinted moisturisers and foundations for an extra dewy complexion.

      Brush those brows UP with a spoolie for an instant facelift that will defy gravity until the end of time.

      Top 3 movies or TV shows:

      I don't tend to do much screen time as I can't sit still for long, but when I do, I love shows that make me laugh.

      Schitt's Creek


      Grace & Frankie

      josie wiley reliquia collective zoe headband lilac

      ambrosia necklace reliquia jewellery rainbow charm

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      zoe headband blue reliquia collective

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      zoe headband lilac reliquia jewellery

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      Imagery via @josie_wiley

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