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Top 3 favourite Reliquia Collective pieces:

How can I only name 3 when I would wear everything on this website? I am going to name 4 because I've been obsessed lately with homeware and can't leave the pink coaster set out of this list. So, saying that my top 3 are:

Blanca - Emanuella Dress in Brown but I'd get it in Orange too.

Blanca - Suri Blazer - if there is one piece I keep buying over and over, it has to be a blazer. I would never have enough blazers in wardrobe. 

The Chilli Red Huggies - they're so cool and chic.

emanuella dress brown blanca

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suri blazer white blanca reliquia collective

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chilli sleepers reliquia collective primavera

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Top 3 podcasts:

I love podcasts! Fun fact, I never listen to music when I workout or go for walks, I either listen to a podcast or just not listen to anything. I don't know why. I am the kind of person who can workout in complete silence, lol I know, so weird. Here are my top 3:

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

The Ed Mylett Show

Sliding Doors with Elle Ferguson

Top 3 Instagram accounts:

This one is a hard one because I have so many accounts that I truly love, especially if they have fashion or dogs involved. But if I have to pick only 3, I would name my top 3 fashion accounts:


li bash instagram


gigi vives instagram


fashion is my fortee instagram

Top 3 self-care strategies:

Self care for me really comes in so many forms and always depends on what I need at the moment. I think it is all about listening to your body and what it needs. But probably my top 3 are:

Surround yourself with people that bring you up and love you.

Move your body, whatever you like to do, but keep it in motion.

Drink enough's so cliche but it really is important!

Top 3 summer must-haves:

Not fair, this is really hard! Haha ok only 3...

Oversized button down shirt

Tote bag

Pair of denim shorts

katherine londono

Top 3 skincare tips:

I love skincare, I would do or try anything if you tell me it is good for the skin!

Wash your face everyday and set a morning and night routine - this changes everything.

Don't leave the house without sunscreen.

Rub an ice cube on your face, if you can, everyday. I learnt this trick from my best friend's mum years ago. I just do it with an ice cube, but now it's such a thing and it is called "skin icing" and there are endless tools in the market.

Top 3 movies or TV shows:



By The Sea

harry shirt purple blanca reliquia

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coaster set pink aeyre reliquia

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emanuella dress orange blanca reliquia

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