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      Top 3 favourite Reliquia pieces:

      I don't have these pants but they're on my wishlist.

      I've never gotten so many compliments on an item of clothing as I have on this brown blazer. I love it!

      And these earrings are the best staple!

      ales pants black blanca reliquia jewellery

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      adrijana earrings hoops reliquia jewellery

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      Top 3 podcasts:

      On Being

      Dr Death

      The Drop Out

      Top 3 favourite Instagram accounts:


      olive cooke headscarf instagram


      shit you should care about instagram

      @reliquiajewellery 😉

      reliquia jewellery instagram

      I can't only do 3...


      tigmi trading instagram morocco

      Top 3 self-care strategies:

      A warm bath with Epsom salts and essential oils (piano music and candles essential).

      Beach walks/yoga/dance - any type of movement.

      Meditation twice a day.

      renee bargh reliquia jewellery met gala earrings

      Top 3 morning ritual must-haves:

      My morning meditation - I practice Vedic meditation. 

      Followed by a coffee or tonic with adaptogens & mushrooms.

      A beach walk/swim or Pilates.

      Top 3 movies/TV shows:

      The Intouchables is my fave movie of all time.

      Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

      And most recently I loved 'Your Honor' on Stan.

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