Taurus Season: The Month Ahead

taurus season collage by reliquia jewellery


April 20 - May 20

With the stubbornness of the Bull, you’re unstoppable, you. Perpetually moving forward (even if that means sitting still), you’re forever committed to your desires and destiny: to be in control, to create beauty, to live in stability. A loyal friend and absolute pleasure seeker, we’ll forever envy your rich taste and perfectly styled space.

The Month Ahead

Release your inner homebody this month. We’re not talking about the grungy, unwashed, pizza-box-floored version, but the Taurus kind – as an aesthete who is drawn to luscious things, like a moth to a flame. Overflowing bubble baths, candles always burning, prioritising the mani/pedi over pointless engagements, doubling down on silver and gold jewellery,  and leaning into whatever long-held desires linger. It’s a time to build new habits and run into a few headstrong, heated moments along the way.

The Full Moon on April 24 falls in Scorpio, turning up the intensity as we’re forced to handle our deep thoughts and even bigger emotions. Take it easy, sweetie; there’s light at the end of the tunnel because Mercury goes into retroshade on April 25 (cue the sighs of relief). Pluto spirals into retrograde on May 3, just before the May 8 New Moon in Taurus – times of personal growth and inner wants, proving stubbornness is necessary and valuable (sometimes).



The dreams are big this birthday month, dear Taurus, so the question is – how luscious can that bubble bath get? Make it sexy, make it cute, and make it scented to perfection. Recommendations over here, and remember to remove your luxe Gwen Earrings before soaking.


Build habits that solidify your relationship with yourself; it's time to invest in and love personal time. Pencil in an ice bath, taking the sub-zero seat to meditate, reflect, and get real internal. Let the thoughts swirl, then pop on the Jazlyn Ring after – your new talisman and token.


Anything is possible. Put the self-serving aside for a moment – you don't need permission to rest, to dream and to live large. Get inspired by Elizabeth Day's How To Fail podcast. Queue the episodes and put the headphones on, looking the unstoppable part wearing the Prairie Huggies.

LEO / 

Keep your career aspirations building, but don't forget to use this Taurus season to nurture yourself. A new Pilates studio or fast-paced class will give you that holistic edge, conquering life goals left, right and centre. The staple Kora Earrings won't get in the way (but keep you looking fierce).


There is not one singular avenue to success, sweet Virgo. Keep your world expanding and ever-evolving to find your unique route. Try an audio memoir to tune into the growth of others – Pamela Anderson, Trevor Noah or Patti Smith to start. The Jayla Earrings for your inspiring listening.


Transform yourself into a being of rest and relaxation this month. It's okay to teeter your scales slightly off-balance – it will be worth it. Get lost in the visually-pleasing world of Palm Royale, and exude all the class wearing the ultra-powerful Josephine Necklace.


Connect in ways that lean into this lazy, pleasurable, sumptuous attitude. It's time to try new ways of gathering (and show off your curated space at the same time). Cut to Maggie Zhou's Sunday Brunch Book Club, hosting with the Clover Necklace in place.


Don't be afraid of the big 'routine.' Use the details and daily steps to practice self-care and prepare for more exploration. One non-negotiable: a must-have, in-built SPF action, like Maddie Edwards. Finish your look with the Alora Earrings in Silver.


The hobby horse beckons – you need (and deserve) a break from all the career-smashing with a self-nurturing task. Take up baking, unleash the flour, and nail the favourite ANZAC cookie. The Kamryn Necklace won't get in the way of all you're blitzing and mixing.


Home is where you nurture it, so prepare to pretty up your space this month. Make it yours; make it a welcome retreat from the mundane. A cloud-like table – all the better for doodling, daydreaming and reading? Yes, siree, with the Prairie Ring for your pointer.


We're feeling lazy, but we're also looking for a little love, a dash of intimacy to satisfy on these cooling nights. Gather the girls or go alone, but diarise a viewing of Challengers ASAP. Will it fill the void? Feel the self-romance in the cute af Kora Huggies.


It's time for an intervention – of your time, at least, our Aries pals. Reconsider the drains and reimagine the boosts. Find inspiration in the Japanese concept of yutori: slowing down to savour the world. The Nori Earrings are the perfect, sweet reminder.

Imagery: @vintage0052, @cindygreenenyc, @valheria123 via Teen Vogue, @blumenhausmagazine, Dries Van Noten Spring 2018 via WWD, @saint, Gwen Earrings in Silver.